A downloadable game for Android

We have considered all that you like in the original version of the game, creating a new environment. The main feature is Flappy Land -

allow players to set their own conditions: type of game, maps and character!

And now you are waited by six excellent Flappy Land attractions:

- Classic

controls a hero, attempting to fly between walls of pipes without coming into contact with them

- Flip

Try to repeat too most only in the opposite direction

- Reverse

Overcome the gravity of ONiGames. Everything was on the contrary, gravity pulls up and the need to jump down

- Psycho

The world has gone mad! Jumping the entire map!!!

- Faster

Feel like a hero living in a world where everything moves twice as fast, noo three times faster, nooo four times faster

- crazy walls

Walls took away an initiative, they stopped being static and started moving. You can overcome moving obstacles?

Don't Stop!

You choose a favorite modes, and combine them!


If you do not believe your eyes, repeat: you can't stop at one mode and combine several inventing his game!

Flappy Land gives the player the opportunity to create their own game!


FlappyLand.apk 21 MB

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